Old-School McKnock-Offs!

Seeking to tap into the enormous popularity of Transformers back in the mid-1980's, McDonalds wanted to offer Transformers toys with their Happy Meals.  Whether they approached Hasbro with the idea and were turned down or if they decided to go this route from the get-go is unknown.  Either way the net result was the "Changeables."  Not quite Transformers, these little guys are "Robots in Disguise" as McDonalds food!  Your Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Small or Large Fries, even your cup of coffee were not safe! 

Most of the images below are photos from our personal collection.  Thanks to CollectorBuddy.com for providing images of the McNuggets, Hot Cakes and Coffee!  You can also take a few minutes to enjoy the original TV commercial from X-Entertainment.com.  CRAZY!


The truth is, I'm not really sure of the exact year when these toys were released.  So for now, until I learn more we'll go with 1988.  If you know, then please feel free to e-mail me and we'll relocated the page to the appropriate year, if it isn't there already.

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