"The only thing for certain is uncertainty."

Affiliation: Autobot
Sub-group: Pretenders

Function:  Ground Trooper
Alternate mode: 
Grizzly Bear
Weapons: double barreled concussion blaster

First cartoon appearance: None in North America

First comic appearance: Transformers (Marvel) #67


Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses description is from The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye, comic series published by Dreamwave Comics in 2003.

BIO:  Hypochondria and paranoia paralyzes Chainclaw.  He focuses on every minor technical problem until he's convinced he has some metal-eating disease that's going to destroy him.  Chainclaw even worries that his gun might backfire and maim him or that his shell won't unlock when he needs to get out.  He makes things worse by imaging all the horrible ways he and his Autobot comrades could be killed in battle.  He's negative and unhappy with the world, but he struggles on even though he wonders what that point really is.  All his worrying and frustration channeled into ferocious action once he starts fighting.

WEAPONS/ABILITIES: Subject's armored outer pretender shell has serrated claws with thermal wiring that heats them until than can easily burn through most metals.  In robot mode, subject wields a double barreled blaster that converts ambient sound into powerful blasts of concussive force.

WEAKNESSES:  Subject often worries himself to a standstill, making him too afraid to fight or even move.

Bibliography of significant appearances:
* You're looking at it!  To the right, you'll find the only appearances of Chainclaw in the North America, (Marvel) Transformers Comics.  The scene takes place in an, "Alternate Reality" (yes, truly defined as an alternate reality)  where Unicron has devoured Cybertron and Galvatron has taken over the Earth.  The story was told in Marvel Comics Transformers #67.

- 1988 - Autobot Pretender Beast, is the only appearance of this character in the Transformers mythology.



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