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1988 was the first year fans had to live w/o cartoons to follow the new characters of the year.  What a shame too because this year featured some great new additions to the Transformers Universe.  Instead we followed their adventures in the comics by Marvel.

There are some fans who didn't care for the Pretenders but personally, I think they rock!  Their robot/vehicle modes look very Cybertronian. AND if you're looking for a "missing link" in the evolution of TF's from the all techno- characters of G1 to the partially organic characters of Beast Wars, look no further!  Pretenders were the first TF's to incorporate an organic element into the bodies.  The idea was that they han an organic shell which concealed the cybertronian within;  a very 'pre-Beast Wars' concept if you ask me!

In addition to the introduction of the Pretenders, TF fans were also treated a great new 'targetmaster/combiner set with the Seacons, and many new Transformers with Nebulan counterparts, including new headmasters, targetmasters, and the POWERMASTERS! 

Though I haven't been able to add individual character pages yet, please have patience.   We'll get to it! For now, please enjoy the box pictures of the 1988 Transformers!

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The Autobots
of 1988

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decepticon.jpg (14862 bytes) The Decepticons
of 1988

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the comic covers of
~year 6~
issue 40
issue 41
issue 42
issue 43
issue 44
issue 45
issue 46
issue 47
issue 48
issue 49
issue 50
issue 51
issue 52
issue 53
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