1988 was the first year fans had to live w/o cartoons to follow the new characters of the year.  What a shame too because this year featured some great new toy additions to the Transformers Universe.  Instead we followed their adventures in the comics by Marvel.

issue #40 cover PRETENDER TO THE THRONE!  by: Bob Budiansky, Jose Delbo, Dave Hunt
The long awaited return of Optimus Prime, but is he LESS than meets the eye? Scorpinok creates the D Pretenders, and Brainstorm creates the A Pretenders with the information Optimus recorded.

issue #41 cover TOTALED! by: Bob Budiansky, Jose Delbo, Danny Bulanadi
We finally learn the name of the Headmasterís ship, the Steelhaven. Fortress Maximus contacts Commander Grimlock about rebuilding Optimus Prime, but Grimlock challenges him to a duel. Blaster steps in to take the place of Fortress Maximus. While the Aís are distracted, the Dís attack.

comic42b.jpg (49716 bytes)

issue #42 cover  PEOPLE POWER!
by: Bob Budiansky, Jose Delbo, Dave Hunt & Don Hudson
  Back to Nebulos, Goldbug, Getaway, Joyride and Slapdash come to Nebulos to rebuild Optimus Prime. They find that the fuel has been tainted so that no TF can use it. And Darkwing and Dreadwind had come to the planet and crashed, with the tainted fuel. But Hi Test and Throttle devised a way to become the power for Darkwing and Dreadwind. Then, of course, the Aís return in kind, and the Powermasters are born. Also, Optimus gets his new body.

issue #43 cover THE BIG BROADCAST OF 2006  by: Ralph Macchio, Alan Kupperberg, Dave Elliott
Fill in alert. cartoon episode #73 is adapted to comic book. Still, it was the only appearance in Marvelís series of Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Wreck Gar and the Qís.

issue #44 cover THE COSMIC CARNIVAL
by: Bob Budiansky, Frank Springer, Danny Bulanadi
The Aís aboard the Steelhaven receive a commercial from the Cosmic Carnival featuring Sky Lynx. Optimus and Goldbug board the space train to find the Spacehikers (those little kids) captive. They confront Big Top and then rescue Sky Lynx and the kids.

by: Bob Budiansky, Jose Delbo, Dave Hunt
Skullgrin becomes a movie star and is paid in oil tankers. He falls for the leading lady. He is also attacked by Circuit Breaker.

issue #46 cover CA$H AND CAR-NAGE!
by: Bob Budiansky, Jose Delbo, Danny Bulanadi
; The Z Foundation (Zarak) offers $50,000 for the capture or destruction of any Transformer. The Roadjammers are formed. The Triggerbots and Sparkabots are sent from a Decepticon prison on Cybertron to Earth to see how good the Roadjammers are.

issue #47 cover CLUB CON! by: Bob Budiansky, Jose Delbo, Dave Hunt
Part 1 of the Underbase Saga. D. Commander Ratbat creates a vacation spot to cover their search of the ocean for Grand Slam and Raindance, who were sent to Earth a few hundred years ago. Jesse helps Blaster infiltrate the island. Introducing the Seacons. Includes Universe entries for Snapdragon, Highbrow, and Apeface.

issue #48 cover THE FLAMES OF BOLTAX!  by: Bob Budiansky, Jose Delbo, Danny Bulanadi
Part 2 of the Underbase Saga. The Dís play back Raindance and Grand Slam. They show an early battle with Optimus Prime and the Triggerbots vs. Megatron and the Triggercons. The Underbase winds up exploding into space. Universe entries for Hardhead, Brainstorm, Chromedome, Crosshairs, and Searchlight.

issue #49 cover COLD WAR! by: Bob Budiansky, Jose Delbo, Danny Bulanadi
Part 3 of the Underbase Saga. Itís Ratbatís Ds vs. Scorpinokís Ds as Starscream does what he does best...look out for number 1. Universe entries for Chase and Freeway.

comic53b.jpg (45364 bytes)

issue #50 cover DARK STAR by: Bob Budiansky, Jose Delbo, Dave Hunt; The giant-sized conclusion of the Underbase Saga. As Starscream bathes in the power of the Underbase, Dís join Optimus Prime and the Aís to try to stop him.

issue #51 cover THE MAN IN THE MACHINE! by: Bob Budiansky, Jose Delbo, Dave Hunt; Spike goes on a ski trip to forget Fort. Max. , but is followed by Carnivac and Snarler.

issue #52 cover GUESS WHO THE MECANNIBALS ARE HAVING FOR DINNER?  by: Bob Budiansky, Jose Delbo, Dave HuntCloudburst and Landmine venture to the Black Hole Bar and Grill to find robot parts. Instead, they find Darkwing and Dreadwind. And Sky Lynx sold out to the Mecannibals.

issue #53 cover RECIPE FOR DISASTER!  by: Bob Budiansky, Jose Delbo, Dave Hunt; Continuing the adventures of Cloudburst, Landmine and Sky Lynx. Cover drawn by X-Men and Image Comics extraordinaire Jim Lee.


Masterforce episode guide


1. Arise, Pretenders!

2. The Destrons' Terrifying Manhunt!

3. The Targeted Jumbo Jet

4. Birth Of The Headmaster Jrs.

5. Little Demons Run Wild

6. Shodown In The Wilderness

7. Panic! Protect The Wildlife

8. The Super Warriors, The Godmaster Brothers

9. The Cybertrons Are In Danger

10. The Chosen Hero Is Ginrai

11. Ginrai's Angry "God On"

12. The Miraculous Friendship

13. Is The Monster Friend Or Foe?

14. Destroy Ginrai

15. Super Ginrai Is Born

16. Lightfoot - A Dramatic Encounter

17. An Enemy? The Third Godmaster

18. A Powerful Foe - Sixknight The Wanderer

19. Four Godmasters, Assemble

20. The Cybertron Warrior, Sixknight?!

21. Rescue The Girl

22. Lightfoot Finds His Back To The Wall

23. Expose The Destrons' Dark Trap

24. Battle In The Desert

25. Destroy The Godbomber Plan

26. God Ginrai Goes Into Space

27. Shodown On The Moon

28. The Psionic Whirlwind

29. Undersea Volcanic Eruption

30. Destroy Godbomber

31. The Final Godmaster

32. Destroy The Cybertron Baes

33. The Cybertron Base Explodes

34. Black Zarak, Destroyer From Space

35. The Day Of Mankind's Destruction

36. Save Cancer?

37. Shodown At The Destron Undersea Base

38. The New Black Zarak

39. The Reborn Darkwings

40. The Battle For Survival

41. The True Form Of Devil Z

42. The Ultimate Battle