Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-Group: Headmaster
Nebulan Component: Monzo
Function: Tracker

First Cartoon Appearance: 
The Rebirth, part 1
First Comic Appearance: 
The Headmasters #1

“My pleasure with my 
enemy's pain comes.”

More toy pix:
In robot mode,
with head detached

Bio: Wierdwolf is an absolutely brilliand, but completely misunderstood, Decepticon.  Most of his comrades write him off as a half-witted  deranged mechanoid who just happens to have enough of a vicious streak to qualify asa warrior.  They couldnt' be more wrong; Wierdwolf has a  brilliant poetic spark... as well as a very very wide vicious strealk   His thought process is routed in a non-standard fashion, which partially leads to be sing-song, backward style of speech he favors.  His verse-like words often fool victims into thinking Wierdwolf is good-natured or non-threatening.  This is usually a fatal mistake.  Wierdwolf's partner the Nebulan Monzo, is a feral former athlete who can't stand Wierdwolf's poetry or intricate ideas about logic cnd tactics, but he does appreciate the bestial fury they both share.

Weapons/Abilities: Subject possesses above-average strength as well as phenomenal intelligence and endurance.  His unique neural processing arrangement essentially gives him a "sixth sense" that he uses to enhance his trackign sikills.  Subject is a Headmaster.  His wolf Mode's head module is equipped with a variety of scanners including electromagnetic sonar,radar and thermal;' he can also leap .8 miles in this mode.  Inn wolf and robnot mode, each of his shoulders can reveal a three-stage  missile launcher.  As a robot, subject is armed with a thermal sword and photon pistol.

Weaknesses:  Subject's tendency to speak out loud when approaching enemies undermines his ability to sneak up on the targets he is tracking.

Other appearances: Neither Wierdwolf or Monzo have appeared again in any other generation of the TF Universe besides the G1 cartoon and comics.  They did, however make many more appearances in the Japanese cartoon series: TF: "Headmasters."

The text shown in character's "Bio, Weapons/ Abilities & Weaknesses" text has been <ahem> borrowed from the awesome Dreamwave comic series: TF: More Than Meets the Eye #4.  Along w/ many other characters & outstanding artwork, we highly recommend you go buy yourself a copy today!