Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-Group: Technobot
Function: Aerial Gunner

First Cartoon Appearance: 
Grimlock’s New Brain
First Comics Appearance: 
Headmasters #1

“Shoot everywhere –since that’s 
where the enemies are.”

Profile: Before you walk up and say hello to Strafe, you’d better run for cover, because this high-strung, hair-trigger Technobot is more likely to spray you with weapons fire than shake your hand.  He’s not mean or murderous, he’s just nervous.  Too much quiet makes his circuits tingle.  Sudden noises can cause him to pop a few plugs.  So rather than remain calm in these situations, Strafe has developed the annoying habit of shooting first and asking questions later.  And that’s too bad, because once he lowers his guns, Strafe becomes one of the kindest, gentlest Autobots of all.  Unfortunately, few ever get close enough to him to find this out for themselves.

Abilities:  Oddly enough, despite all his wild shooting sprees, Strafe is an expert marksman.  When he wants to he can burn a hole through a screw head from two miles away with the searing beam of a heat-ray rifle that he carries in robot mode, he can achieve a maximum ground speed of 250 mph.  He can also engage his rear retro-rocket boosters, which allow him to fly a maximum speed of 580 mph with a 3,000 mile range.  In all his modes he exhibits lightning-fast reflexes.  He can outmaneuver a heat-seeking missile and make a right turn at maximum flying speed in the space of a quarter mile.  He combines with his fellow Technobots to form the super-robot Computron.

Weaknesses: Strafe has a tendency to stall in mid air during some of his more daring maneuvers.  The wasteful manner in which he uses his weapons often leaves him lacking ammunition in battle situations when he truly needs it.

Other Appearances: Strafe has not appeared again in any other generation of the Transformers Universe besides that of his G1 Technobot self.