Allegiance: Decepticon
Headmaster Horrorcon
Nebulan Component: Krunk
Function: Interceptor

First Cartoon Appearance: 
The Rebirth, part 1
First Comic Appearance: 
The Headmasters #1

�If it doesn't get you dirty, 
it's not worth doing.�

More toy pix:
in robot mode 
w/ head detached
in jet mode, 2
in jet mode, 3
in jet mode, 4

Bio: When Snapdragon is at rest, he likes to stay at rest.  He's unrepentantly lazy and his messy unkempt living quarters are considered off limits by any Decepticons who don't want to wade through its layers of grime to get to Snapdragon.  Unfortunately, they often have to; Snapdragon rarely heeds the alarm calling him to battle, forcing someone to retrieve him physically.  Interrupting Snapdragon's "relaxation time" fills him with rage, which is the only thing that can effectively motivate him to do anything.  Once he gets angry about something, there's little that can hold snapdragon back.  His partner, Krunk, was Lord Zarak's thuggish bodyguard on Nebulon.  He's just as slovenly as Snapdragon, and his ruthlessness only serves to make Snapdragon even more vicious.

Weapons/Abilities: Subject possesses incredible strength, great intelligence and a high resistance to physical damage.  He is a Triple Changer capable of Transforming between his three modes at twice the speed of the average Transformer, as well as Headmaster.  In jet mode, his maximum speed is 8,800 mph, and he is armed with two gyro-guns that negate their targets' balance centers.  These are also useable in his other modes.  As a dinosaur, his carbon-steel fangs and claws are capable of penetrating most armor plating. 

Weaknesses:  Although he is extremely capable, Snapdragon's initial laziness can leave him open to attack b efore he's abloe to prepare himself.

The text shown in character's "Bio, Weapons/ Abilities & Weaknesses" text has been <ahem> borrowed from the awesome Dreamwave comic series: TF: More Than Meets the Eye #4.  Along w/ many other characters & outstanding artwork, we highly recommend you go buy yourself a copy today!

Other appearances: Neither Snapdragon or Krunk have appeared again in any other incarnation of the TF Universe besides the G1 cartoon and comics.  They did, however make numerous appearances in the Japanese cartoon series: TF: "Headmasters."