Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-Group: Terrorcon
Function: Terrorist

“"Autobots are an error I intend to correct.”

First Cartoon Appearance: 
Grimlock’s New Brain
First Comics Appearance: Headmasters #2

Character Profile/Bio:  Rippersnapper's inferiority complex is as obvious as his Decepticon badge to everyone but him.  He's constantly mentioning his hatred for all beings "inferior" to himself, especially the Autobots.  There very existence infuriates him, most likely because there perceived weaknesses only reminds him of his own.  the sight and smell of carbon-based creatures is particularly offensive to Rippersnapper, who delights in their destruction.  His rage fuels his ferocious assaults and helps him in his function, but no amount of havoc ever makes Rippersnapper feel truly better about himself.

Weapons/Abilities:  Subject possesses great endurance and resistance to damage, but has extremely low strength.  However, in creature mode, his claws and teeth are particularly powerful, capable of slicing through almost any metal.  He also has twin ground to air voice controlled missiles in this mode.  As a robot, he wield s a cyclone gun that creates winds powerful enough to rip the armor off some Transformers.  He combines with his fellow Terrorcons to form Abominus.

Abilities:  In creature mode Blot’s claws allow him to climb any wall.  He can exhale small clouds of searing flame.  In both robot and creature modes, he uses a slime gun, which shoots an awful-smelling and irritating stream of corrosive liquid.  Its catalytic base reacts with most metals to make them as soft and pliable as rubber.  He combines with his fellow Terrorcons form the giant robot, Abominus.  However, the other Terrorcons are reluctant, at best, to accept Blot into the configuration since he smells so bad.

Weaknesses:  Blot’s poor personal hygiene has several negative side effects.  His distinctive odor often acts like a beacon in its ability to attract unwanted visitors –such as enemy Autobots.  Constant fluid leaks often lead to a variety of mechanical malfunctions.  Sometimes Blot’s joints lock in place, other times his engine drivers overheat.
Other Appearances: Rippersnapper has made no other appearances in the Transformers Universe.  The Terrorcons, after their involvement in the "G1 series" became a larger faction highly involved in the series Transformers: Energon.  What, if any, connection has yet to be explained.

Bio, Weapons/Abilities & Weaknesses text has been <ahem> borrowed from the awesome Dreamwave comic series: TF MTMTE, More Than Meets the Eye #7.  Along w/ many other characters & outstanding artwork, we highly recommend you go buy yourself a copy today!