Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-Group: Monsterbot
Function: Counter-Intelligence

First Cartoon appearance: none
First Comics appearance: Headmasters #1

"No job is too disgusting to disgust me."

Profile: Repugnus has a personality as repellent as he looks.  Hes foul mouthed and even fouler tempered, a vicious anti-social misfit.  Hes actively insubordinate, flouting authority and disobeying orders.  Time after time hes been kicked out of the Autobot ranks, only to be asked back when a particularly nasty mission crops up.  When its just too dirty and low-down for any other Autobots to consider, Repugnus is the creature for the job!  The more disgusting it is, the more Rebugnus loves it.  Some say hes just too nasty to wear the badge, more Decepticon than Autobot.   But as any military commander knows, sometimes in a war you need someone who doesnt quite play by the rules to get the job done, so warriors like Repugnus become a necessary evil.  Although what he does isnt nice, Repugnus is very good at it.  He has skill and intelligence that put other more estimable characters firmly in the shade.  Not only does Repugnus go under cover, ferreting out information from the enemy camp, he also spreads damaging disinformation and gossip, undermining morale, turning enemy on enemy!  An embittered loaner, Repugnus just loves his work.

Abilities:  In creature mode, Repugnus has infrared and x-ray vision, invaluable aids to his spying activities.  His highly advanced optical centers can emit as well as receive, generating a variety of color and stroboscopic effects that can dazzle or disorient an enemy.  In both robot and creature mode hes very tough and resistant to injury, but hes also very slow.  His super toughened claws contain chemical, electromagnetic and audio sensors, and can rip through almost any substance.  Repugnus holds no faith in guns or other weapons, feeling he can accomplish all he needs with fists and claws up close where it counts!

Weaknesses: The fact that no one likes or trusts Repugnus tends to alienate him from team plays sometimes leaving him exposed and vulnerable.  Hes so disliked in that its rumored he must watch back even when amongst his fellow Autobots.

Other Appearances: The Monsterbots never "made the cut" to get a cameo appearance in the Rebirth shows of season 4.  They therefore made no cartoon appearances ever and were seen only a few very times in the G1 Headmasters mini-series by Marvel comics.