Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-Group: Targetmaster

Nebulan Component: Aimless

Function: Interceptor

First Cartoon Appearance: The Rebirth, part 1
First Comics Appearance: Headmasters #1

“Keep shooting; 
eventually you’re bound
to hit something.”

Profile: When Misfire shoots, his fellow Decepticons run for cover.  Although he insists that his aim is improving he has yet to convince any of his comrades.  And it’s not for lack of trying that Misfire is so inept.  His perseverance is legendary, he still holds therecord for the number of times enrolled at the Decepticon Military College –4,627 and not graduating!  The only reason he ever got out of the college was because the Autobots eventually attacked and destroyed it.  But what he lacks in skill, he makes up for in enthusiasm.  He is an unrelenting opponent always overheating with excitement anin anticipation of combat.  He throws himself into action with all guns blazing and doesn’t stop shooting until he runs out of ammunition (which usually occurs befor he hits anything worthwhile.)  Megatron values Misfire more for his ability to spread terror than anything else. “Because Misfire so rarely hits who he aims for,” notes his commander, “it is all those whom he doesn’t aim for who must worry.”

Misfire is paired with Aimless, a former construction engineer from the planet Nebulos.  Aimless is a sleazy, careless con-man who habitually over looked building defects in exchange for illegal payoffs when he still had a job.  Realizing the dimming prospects of his career after a series of a high-rise collapses, he seized upon the opportunity to ally himself with the Decepticons.  He say his partnership with Misfire a s a new beginning full of promise and hope.  But after being bio-engineered to have the ability to transform into Misfire’s weapon, Aimless quickly showed his true colors.  Unlike Misfire, Aimless doesn’t even try to aim when he shoots.  Like everything else in his life he just doesn’t care enough to bother

Abilities:  Aimless converts to an ion particle blaster.  He can pump up to 4,000 rounds of discrete clusters of high-energy charged particles through his two barrels.  Misfire converts to a proton-powered jet fighter.  He’s equipped with over-the-horizon pulse Doppler radar that allows him to spot flying craft within a 700-mile radius.  His maximum speed is 1,200 mph and his range is 1,200 miles.  He can use weapon mode aimless in both robot and jet modes. 

Weaknesses:  The shooting abilities of Misfire and Aimless are very poor.  They can seldom hit a target before it hits them.  Misfire’s aggressiveness and above average maneuverability partially compensate for this deficiency.

Another picture of Misfire in robot mode (toy)
A picture of Misfire and Aimless in robot mode (cartoon).

Other appearances: Neither Misfire or Aimless have appeared again in any other generation of the Transformers Universe besides the forth short TV season and the G1 comics.  They did, however make many more appearances in the Japanese cartoon series: TF: "Headmasters."