Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-group: Throttlebot

Function: Scout

1st Cartoon Appearance: The Rebirth, part 1

1st Comic Appearance:
(Marvel) TF #30

“Hunters drive,
targets park.”

Profile: Chase is usually ten miles down the road before his fellow Autobots even have had a chance to shift into gear.  He’s impatient and overeager.  He doesn’t seem to know how to stand still.  The phrase “put it in park” has no meaning for him.  As fast as he drives, he talks even faster.  His coarse, simple language is seemingly at odds with his sleek, sophisticated design.  He usually dominates the conversation in any group, regaling all who will listen with tales of past exploits and predictions of future conquests.  But he does all this in a most engaging manner.  He’s extremely popular among the Autobots.

Abilities:  In car mode, Chase can reach a cruising speed of 240 mph.  He has extremely well developed optical sensors in his head and headlights.  He can see an object the size of a tennis ball at two miles and his excellent peripheral vision gives him approximately a 270-degree viewing range.  So for example he can see simultaneously in front of him and on both sides.  Embedded under his car mode’s roof is an array of small radar dishes that allow him to detect moving objects as small as a toaster from horizon to horizon.  He also has the ability to lock in on orbiting satellites and bounce radar signals off of them, which allows him some over-the-horizon radar abilities.

Weaknesses: High speeds exact a heavy toll on Chase in car mode, particularly on his drive shaft & transmission.  Sometimes he’s too busy talking or running off somewhere to listen to good advice. Consequently, he gets into trouble that a cooler headed individual might avoid.

Other Appearances: Chase has made no other appearances in the rest of the TF Universe, besides his G1 Throttlebot self (ane even those were few and far between!)